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ReferenceWorks 4 Pro Core

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ReferenceWorks 4 Pro Core 3 Library

Core 3 Library zawiera:

Allen’s Encyclopedia
Allen’s Fever
Allen’s Handbook
Allen’s Keynotes
Allen’s Nosodes
Allen’s Primer of MM
Allen’s Repertory
Allen’s Ther of Skin Diseases
Allen’s Tub Affections
American Hom Review 1859
American Hom Review 1860
American Hom Review 1862
American Hom Review 1863
American Hom Review 1864
American Pharmacopoiea 1883
Anshutz’s New Remedies
Anshutz’s Sexual Diseases
Arndt’s Symptomatology
Baltimore’s Pathogenic MM
Bechet’s Man of Homeopathy
Bell’s Diarrhea
Berjeau’s Syph & Urinary
Bernard’s Constipation
Bernoville’s Cancer
Bernoville’s Circulatory & Respiratory
Bernoville’s Diabetes
Bernoville’s Eruptive
Bernoville’s Intoxication
Bernoville’s Liver
Bernoville’s Mental
Bernoville’s Rheumatism
Blackwood’s Heart
Blackwood’s Kidney Nerves
Blackwood’s Liver
Blackwood’s Manual
Boenninghausen Character
Boenninghausen’s Repertory
Boenninghausen’s Whooping
Boericke & Dewey Tissue
Boericke’s Materia Medica
Boericke’s Repertory
Bonnerot’s Ulcer
Bradford’s Index
Breyfogle’s Epitome
Brigham’s Catarrhal Dis
Buck’s Materia Medica
Buck’s Regional
Buffum’s Eye and Ear
Burnett’s Blood Poisoning
Burnett’s Cataract
Burnett’s Consumption
Burnett’s Delicate Child
Burnett’s Fifty Reasons
Burnett’s Fistula
Burnett’s Gold
Burnett’s Gout
Burnett’s Liver
Burnett’s Natrum Mur
Burnett’s Neuralgia
Burnett’s Ringworm
Burnett’s Skin
Burnett’s Spleen Disease
Burnett’s Tonsils
Burnett’s Tumors
Burnett’s Vaccinosis
Burnett’s Valvular Disease
Burnett’s Veins
Burnett’s Women Sterility
Burnett’s Women’s Changes
Burt’s Characteristics
Burt’s Physiology
Burt’s Tuberculosis
Bushrod’s Tumors
Carey’s Biochemic
Carleton’s Men’s Sexual
Case’s Cases
Chapman’s Biochemistry
Clark’s ABC Manual
Clarke’s Cancer
Clarke’s Catarrh
Clarke’s Cholera
Clarke’s Constipation
Clarke’s Constitutional
Clarke’s Decachord
Clarke’s Dictionary
Clarke’s Glands & Bones
Clarke’s Gunpowder
Clarke’s Heart & Arteries
Clarke’s Indigestion
Clarke’s Radium
Clarke’s Repertory
Clarke’s Serpent Poisons
Clarke’s Whooping Cough
Clay’s Nose & Throat
Cleveland Med & Surg Rep
Cleveland’s Salient MM
Cook’s Physiomedical Disp
Cooper’s Cancer
Cowperthwaite’s Menses
Cowperthwaite’s Textbook
Crandall’s Biochemistry
Curie’s Practice
Cushing’s Leucorrhea
Douglass’ MM
Douglass’ Pearls
Douglass’ Warts Repertory
Duncan’s Child – Acid & Alkali
Dunham’s MM
Dunham’s Science
Fahnestock’s MM
Farrington’s Clinical MM
Farrington’s Comparative
Farrington’s Homeopathy
Farrington’s Lesser
Farrington’s Therapeutic Pointers
Fisher’s Obstetric Emergencies
Frishmuth’s Childhood Diseases
Fyfe’s Modern MM
Gentry’s Rubrical Textbook
Gilchrist’s Surgery
Goltz’ Tissue Remedies
Grimmer’s Cancer Remedies
Grimmer’s Collected Works
Gross’ Pathology
Guernsey’s Hemorrhoids
Guernsey’s Keynotes
Guernsey’s Lectures
Guernsey’s Obstetrics
Gutman’s Homeopathy
Hahnemann’s CD
Hahnemann’s Coffee
Hahnemann’s MMP
Hahnemannian Advocate
Hahnemannian Monthly 1865
Hahnemannian Monthly 1866
Hahnemannian Monthly 1867
Hahnemannian Monthly 1868
Hahnemannian Monthly 1869
Hahnemannian Monthly 1870
Hahnemannian Monthly 1871
Hahnemannian Monthly 1889
Hahnemannian Monthly 1890
Hahnemannian Monthly 1891
Hahnemannian Monthly 1892
Hahnemannian Monthly 1893
Hahnemannian Monthly 1894
Hale’s Heart
Hale’s MM I
Hale’s MM II
Hale’s Saw Palmetto
Hamilton’s Flora

Hanchett’s Domestic Med
Hanchett’s Sexual Health
Hansen’s Textbook of MM
Hart’s Nervous Diseases
Hartmann Remedies
Hawkes’ 100 Remedies
Hawkes’ Characteristics
Heinigke’s Pathogenetic
Hempel’s Materia Medica
Hering’s Condensed MM
Hering’s Guiding Sx
Homeopathic Med Society
Homeopathic Physician
Homeopathic Recorder 1889
Homeopathic Recorder 1897
Homeopathic Recorder 1898
Homeopathic Recorder 1899
Homeopathic Recorder 1900
Homeopathic Recorder 1903
Homeopathic Recorder 1904
Homeopathic Recorder 1920
Homeopathic Recorder 1921
Homeopathic Recorder Misc
Homeopathic World
Homoeopathic Examiner
Hoyle’s Tonsil
Hoyne’s Clinical Therapeutics
Hubbard’s Articles
Hughes’ Cyclopedia
Hughes’ Gelsemium
Hughes’ Pharmacodynamics
Hughes’ Physician
Hutchens’ Medicinal Herbs
Hutchison’s 700 Redline Sx
Indian Hom Review 1882
Indian Hom Review 1895
Indian Hom Review 1896
Indian Hom Review 1897
Indian Hom Review 1900
Indian Hom Review 1905
Indian Hom Review 1908
Indian Hom Review 1913
Indian Hom Review 1914
Indian Hom Review 1915
Indian Hom Review 1916
Indian Hom Review 1918
Indian Hom Review 1920
Indian Hom Review 1921
Indian Hom Review 1925
IndoGerman Hom Review
International Hahnemann
Jahr’s Female
Jahr’s Manual of Practice
Jahr’s Venereal Diseases
Jessen’s Materia Medica
Johnson’s Therapeutic Key
Johnston’s Cases
Jones’ Medical Genius
Journal of British Hom Society
Kafka’s Spinal Marrow
Karo’s Male Genital Organs
Karo’s Prostatic Troubles
Karo’s Respiratory System
Karo’s Skin
Karo’s Women’s Diseases
Kent’s Clinical Cases
Kent’s Lectures
Kent’s Repertory
King’s Headache
Kippax’s Skin Disease
Knerr’s Repertory
Laurie’s Hom Practice
Leavitt’s Obstetrics
Lilienthal’s Therapeutics
Lippe’s Key Notes Red Line
Lippe’s Keynotes
Lippe’s Text Book of MM
Lutze’s Facial Neuralgias
Luyties’ Characteristic MM
Macfarlan’s Dynamised
Macfarlan’s Provings
Medical Advance
Medical Investigator
Medical Visitor
Mid-West Hom News Journal
Millspaugh’s Med Plants
Minneapolis Hom Magazine
Minton’s Uterine Therapeutics
Mirilli’s Thematic MM
Moffat’s Ophthalmology
Monroe’s Materia Medica
Monthly Homeopathic Review
Morgan’s Diabetes Mellitus
Morgan’s Diphtheria
Morgan’s Pregnancy
Niederkorn’s Reference
North American H Journal
North American Medicines
Norton’s Ophthalmic Diseases
Oehme’s Diphtheritis
Ostrom’s Leucorrhea
Paige’s Lungs & Pleura
Patersimilias’ Songs
Paterson’s Bowel Nosodes
Perkins’ Rheumatism
Petersen’s Therapeutics
Philadelphia Journal
Pierce’s Cough
Pierce’s Plain Talks
Poirier’s Heart
Puddephatt’s Sign Posts
Puhlmann’s Homeo Practice
Pulford’s Aconitum
Pulford’s Graphic Drugs
Pulford’s Key to MM
Pulford’s Pneumonia
Pulte’s Domestic Physician
Quay’s Nose & Throat
Rabe’s Medical Therapeutics
Ramaiah’s Tissue Remedies
Raue’s Pathology
Roberts’ Remedies
Roberts’ Repertory
Roberts’ Rheumatic
Royal’s Textbook
Ruckert’s Therapeutics
Ruddock’s Children
Ruddock’s Hom Vade Mecum
Ruddock’s Homeopathy
Ruddock’s Lady’s Manual
Ruddock’s Women
Schmidt Defective Illness
Schwartz’s Injuries
Sharp’s Constipation & Diarrhea
Shepard’s Anna Hummingbird
Skinner’s Characteristics
Smith’s Prescriber
Smith’s Surgery
Snelling’s Symptomatology
Speight’s Homoeopathy
Stapf ’s Adds to MM Pura
Swan’s Provings
Talcott’s Mental Diseases
Templeton’s Influenza
Test’s Homeopathic MM
Thomas’ External Remedies
Thomas’ Females
Underwood’s Childhood
Underwood’s Headache
Underwood’s Materia Medica
VanDenburg’s Respiratory
Ward’s Repertory
Weiner’s Homeopathy
Wells’ Diarrhea
Wells’ Intermittent Fever
Williamson’s Female Diseases
Wood’s Essentials
Wood’s Gynecology
Woodbury’s MM
Woodward’s Const Therapeutics
Wren’s Potter’s Cyclopedia
Yeldham’s Venereal
Yingling’s Accoucheur